Whitegrove award 2016 won by F C Osborne & Son

After a very tight competition between excellent entries this year’s Whitegrove award, judged by Kate Mayne, Chair of CFE in Shropshire, has been won by Martin Osborne and his sons James and William, who together run Union Hall Farm near Kinver. They manage beef and combinable crops enterprises on 279 hectares in rolling countryside near Kinver Edge, which includes some difficult land. Changes in farming operations and systems have made the family consider value and productivity across all their enterprises and working in this beautiful setting inspired them to make careful and strategic use of agri-environment options. Whitegrove judge Kate Mayne said “Thoughtful plans regarding the suckler beef herd show the family are carefully considering how to integrate the needs of species-rich grassland with producing quality, marketable beef.” She praised their knowledge and enthusiasm in wildlife and environmental enhancement and their excellent species records, which show a drive for continual improvement.

Judge Kate Mayne and James Osborne examine one of the agri-environment options